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  1. Isolator switch Dc Switch

    Solar DC isolator switch
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  2. Weatherproof Ac Switch isolating switch

    AC Weather Protected Isolating Switches
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  3. 2p to 20p Screw Terminal Block barrier terminal block

    Screw terminal block 1000VDC 50A and 690VAC 60A 2P-20P
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  4. Solar Isolator Switch dc disconnector switch isolation switch

    Rated voltage:1000/1500V Rated current:16/20/25/32A Rated Heating current:32/16A Rated impulse withstand voltage:8000V Rated insulation voltage:1500V Rated short-time withstand current(1s):700A Rated short circuit capacity:1400A
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  5. 1500V DC Solar Fuse Holder pv fuse holder match 10X85mm 14X85mm PV fuses

    This series of specifications for the use of the physical, rated working voltage 1500V, rated working current 2-30A electric line for overload or short circuit protection. Rated breaking capacity 1500V/20KA DC, products comply with IEC60269-1, GB13539.1, IEC60269-6, GB13539.6 standards.
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  6. New 1500VDC Solar Fuse Holder Max.50A TUV approved

    1500Vdc Solar Fuse Holder NSPV-63T with TUV certified
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