About Us

About Us

The present century has seen a sharp increase in the consumption of fossil energy resources, that have not only placed an enormous stress on their natural availability, but have also led to grave aftereffects that have manifested in form of rampant pollution, not to mention the impending energy crisis that looms. With the goal of paving the way for a greener future and providing a sustainable source of energy, Newsun PV Technology Co., Ltd. offers an expansive range of solar wares like photovoltaic connectors and junction boxes of supreme build quality and efficacy.

Our company was established in 2010, and in the years that rolled since then, we have succeeded in making a name for our company in the international diaspora, thanks to our best-in-class solar wares whose raw performance is in a league of their own. Thanks to the guidance of our mentors, we have solidified our status as an eminent Manufacturer and Exporter of products such as Solar In-Line Fuse Connector, PV solar system, Junction Box and Distribution &Combining Box among others.

Export Markets

The fame of our offerings such as Solar PV connectors, junction boxes and protective systems is not only limited to our domestic stronghold, but in fact, it transcends the continental borders and find takers in a number of international markets. Australia, India, Korea, America and numerous European nations are among the most prominent of our overseas markets, and we aim to further increase our presence there by reaching out to a wider base of consumers. Our clientele is dispersed throughout the world and have been regular collaborators of ours, marketing our solar products in their respective demand pockets, where the former are readily lapped by consumers due to their far superior material attributes and the assurance of stellar performance that comes with them.


Newsun PV Technology Co., Ltd. is a premier name in the domain of high end and advanced solar accessories and system wares, that have become the go-to choice of consumers thanks to their peerless build quality and efficiency. All this is on account of our state-of-the-art fabrication facility where they are manufactured using the highly advanced manufacturing and processing tools, under the eagle -eyed supervision of technical experts. The facility is a sprawling infrastructure covering a vast expanse of land and is accoutered with latest iteration of machines such as injection molding machine, mechanical wire cutting machine and brake press machine among others.


We boast an exhaustive portfolio of solar power wares such as protective wares, connection requisites and junction boxes, whose utility scenarios are equally diverse and are utilized in both, heavy duty commercial solar installations and solar systems as well as smaller accessories and assemblies. They are used in power generation assemblies, tracking systems and safety wares for vulnerable parts as well as switches of varied types. Listed below are a few applications of our products:

  • Outdoor Small Power System
  • Solar Street Lamps
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Roof Power Generation System
  • Projects Of Solar Buildings
  • Solar Tracking System
  • Pint-Sized Solar Tracking System
  • MC4/MC3 connector
  • MC4/MC3 fuse/diode connector
  • AC2/3/4/5Cores Connector
  • PV solar cable
  • PV Cable Assemblies
  • DC/AC Miniature circuit breaker
  • AC/DC switch
  • Solar Energy Engineering
  • PV Fuse Holder And Fuse Link
  • PV Surge Protective Device
  • Earth Clamp
  • Combiner box
  • PV Solar Label
  • Tools

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